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Thursday, April 2, 2009

To: Dr. Nante Payod

The links below are outputs for my PhD course Educ 305 ICT in Education. For those who are interested to view my accomplished requirements, besides my professor Dr. Payod, let me first give you a description of the course. Educ 305 (Information and Communication Technology [ICT] in Education) is a 3 unit subject designed to provide doctoral students with the technical requirements and learning opportunities to develop and update essential skills, knowledge and dispositions for optimal and effective use of of ICT in Education. It is delivered through a combination of lecture and discussion, laboratory and e-learning activities whereby students use and organize technology and web-based resources to create environments that foster stimulating and meaningful learning to meet desired educational outcomes (Source: Syllabus 2nd Sem 08 - 09). Requirements: 1. Reaction Paper on the Generation Y Model 2. Powerpoint presentation of my report (Scope of ICT and Rationale for the Introduction of ICT in Education) 3. Reaction Papers a. Impact of ICT on the Curriculum b. ICT and Cognitive Process 4. Exercise 1: Task 1: Word Processing Task 2: Computating with the use of Excel Task 3: Powerpoint Designing 5. Exercise 2: Task 1: Asynchronous and Synchronous Communication Task 2: The Internet in Education Task 3: Copyright and Intellectual Property You can click on COMMENTS, located below this post (right side) for feedbacks which I would really appreciate..


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