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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Case Study (Cynthia)

Read the case, Case Study (Cynthia), then answer the questions below (short bond paper, Font Arial 12, single space). Deadline 9/22/09 (Tues)..


Q1: What is the condition of Cynthia

Q2: What time frame would be considered prolonged for second stage? Do you think that Cynthia is having a dysfunctional labor? Justify your answer.

Q3: What is McRobert’s maneuver?

Q4. Give the rationale behind the performance of a suprapubic pressure instead of a fundal push/pressure.

Q5. Do you think this case is an example of a precipitous labor? Justify your answer.

Q6. Is Cynthia considered to have a preterm labor? Support your answer.